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Download Android Game 5 Most Exciting War Strategy

Kamis, 01 November 20120 komentar

Are you one of those who loves the game of tactics or strategy? Where you have to rely on the ability to think and make decisions in organizing a war strategy. Strategy is one of the important things in the war, a good strategy will give good results in warfare. Although it does not always result in victory, but with a good strategy, the losses can be minimized as little as possible.

This time New Tech will provide a list of Android apps war strategy game for your beloved Android phone. You can directly download war strategy games via your device.

1. Great Big War Game

This application is made by Rubicon Development. One developer that focuses on the development of game applications for Android phones. Some of these are already well known and popular with Android users worldwide. This time, through the Great Big War Game, Rubicon Development will try to captivate you. This application asks you to be able to set up a war strategy that will support the war victory. You are asked to set the location of your army, troop type that you place, and others. In addition, the war would be different, of war on land or in the water or ocean. You must be careful in laying position and determine what kind of force you will use. If you miscalculate, it is possible you will be defeated in the war. Application size is 105MB and you can download by paying $ 3.19 directly from the Play Store. Large size is proportional to the graphics and game systems are presented, so you do not have to worry disappointed with this app.

2. Art of War 2

This application is the result of the development of HeroCraft Ltd, one of the recommended development and favored by Android users around the world. This application has a chart like computer war strategy game. You will be asked to build a headquarters along with troops to attack the enemy headquarters. You are required to build strength so that it can destroy your opponent without remaining. Accuracy in the construction and time is very important in this game. If you are too slow or wrong in the building, then no doubt, defeat is waiting for you at the end of the game. Application size is 2.6MB and you can download it for free directly from the Play Store.

3. American Civil War (Conflicts)

This application is an application made by Joni Nuutinen. This application displays the atmosphere of war in America. You are required to set the strategy in the form of number and type of troop deployment along the war. You must have accuracy in choosing the troops so you can not be defeated by your enemies. This application is only 923KB size and you can download by paying $ 3.14 directly from the Play Store. This application does not have a very good graphics, but the game system has a very interesting and very addicting to play, especially for lovers of the game of war strategy.

4. Army War Lite

Applications made by Guarionex Pardo is one war strategy game that will New Tech discussed. This game is a strategy game in which you will get a bunch of soldiers with a variety of types, then you will be asked to set the laying and movement of your troops. Accuracy you in the placement and movement will greatly affect your victory in every war. You should be able to estimate the weak side of the enemies that you will encounter during the war. Application size is 11MB and you can download it for free directly from the Play Store.

5. Space: Uncharted (MMO RTS)

This application is a little different from the application of the above strategy war game. This application has the theme of war in space. You are required to set the space battle fleet in a timely and accurate. A variety of sophisticated weaponry will support you. The game features a wide variety of games, and even had a huge game map so you will not get bored to explore the game map and the game itself. Application size is 3.3MB and you can download it for free directly from the Play Store.
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