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6 Simple Tips For Beginners Windows User

Kamis, 01 November 20120 komentar

For new computer users, having a computer is something fun. We will always take care of him and use it with caution. Unfortunately, the use of computers is not good, it will make damage in the future. Hence, new users should be careful when using the computer he used. In addition, the ease of running a computer is also important for new computer users, and Windows can channel your desire to be easy to use. With these computer tips, as a new user you will understand how to use a good and true. Here are tips on tricks.

Perform a search

This is an important computer tips, because you can use it at any time. One thing that might confuse you is looking for files in different folders existing stack. However, if you know what to look for, Windows will make you easy to find. In some programs, you can do so by press and hold Ctrl, then followed press F to search for it. This use can be used on a variety of programs, such as the Windows, Microsoft Word and Excel, various browsers, Notepad, and many other programs. Now, you are able to find the desired files without a loss to get it.

Put the program on the desktop

You can put the program on the desktop, such as pictures, video, word files, software or programs that are often used. This computer tips will help you, if a computer program is often used, so you do not need to go to the Windows menu to open it.

To do so, first locate the program you want in the Windows menu. After that, place the mouse cursor on the program, then right click on the mouse. Then the program will display a menu, and select Send to, and then click the Desktop option. Now the program you want is located on the desktop of your computer, and you will easily use it by double clicking on the program icon you.

Using aid

If you feel confused in the use of computers, and there is no solution, you can use the tips on this one. Windows Help feature that can help you find solutions whenever you need them. Simply press F1 on your keyboard. Follow the prompts that you get the solution you want.

Bring up the Context Menu

It is good if the computer knows what we want to do next. It can be done, with what is called a context menu, in which the computer provides an option what to do on the program and give you a menu to it. You can bring up the context menu by right-clicking on the mouse. Try it in your browser, depending on where you put the mouse cursor on the browser, you'll see options like view page source or open link in new window. Tips to bring up the context menu will help you in your work, and you will be made easier because of it.

Changing the program quickly

These tips will pamper you with a function that will actually shorten the job. Do you often change the program work? For example, you would write something to retrieve data from the Internet. Here, you need two programs at the same time, ie Microsoft Word and Internet browser, so you often switch between the two programs. However, often replacing the two programs will take. You may be bored with the routine by moving your hand to the mouse, move the cursor, then replace the program, then put your hand back on the keyboard to write.

It is a nice thing if we change the program without moving the hand like that. To circumvent this, press and hold the Alt key, then followed by the Tab key. The program will be replaced with the previous program you use, and do so to restore it again. Then you can work quickly using these tips.
Windows closes quickly

Was in a hurry to do something so you do not have time to close the program quickly? You can close programs quickly by pressing and then hold down the Alt key, then followed F4, then you will see results.
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