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Venture Towns - City Building Game for Android and iPhone Devices

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Kairosoft, the specialist developer of simulation games, want to take advantage of the fame of these games about building a city or a new civilization. Such as Sim City, Civilization, and Cities XL. All three games have been having a lot of fans and also made a few sequels that is not less in demand with its predecessor game. And now want to try to challenge the Kairosoft titles mentioned above with the release of the game called Venture Towns. As to whether this game? Here's his review.

Venture Towns is a city building game. In the game, you will be given a blank civilization which only consists of two houses and one office building. But you can conjure civilization was quiet and still be a great city with many amenities, tall buildings, and residents were affluent and prosperous city.

When first playing the game to build this city, you will see two houses connected by a road to an office building, a park, and two support facilities. Maybe the first time you will be confused what to do with these people, because at the beginning of the game was not given directives in the form of tutorials. However, you can access the tutorial at any time by pressing the menu, system, and tutorials.

The residents will move by itself and can not be controlled. The system of movement they are out of the house to the office and get some money. The money generated will be used to visit restaurants, markets, and buy other necessities. Money spent will go to your account. If they had saved and had a lot of saving money, they will automatically become bigger renovate his home.

Note that to make a home in the city, they have to pay rent to you each year. And every time they renovate his house, then the rent was getting up. House rents depends on what's around him. If their house surrounded by luxurious amenities, the land of his price will go up. At times they will visit the park to interact with other residents. The results of these interactions are their stats increase and also give points for your research.

Research points earned can be used as a requirement to build a new facility. If these requirements are met, then you can buy the facility and build in your city. More and more facilities are provided, the more the new residents who decided to stay in your city. So you should always provide vacant land to build their homes. Money can also be used to train people for the sake of getting a new job. At first, they were just going to work as a freelancer. However, the development of the city, you will open up a range of new job with higher salary as chef, journalist, actor, dancer, CEO, to the sniper.

At first, Venture Towns is very difficult to play. You have to be patient until you enough money to buy a very expensive facility. But after 7-8 years, the money will continue to flow into your account and new residents will continue to come. The graphics and sound of this game uses 16-bit style game consoles like the '90s. However, Venture game has a very deep gameplay. Many aspects and hidden features that can be found and make you more addicted to playing this game. Game Venture is available for both Android and iPhone users, but unfortunately is not available for free. City building game is priced at $ 5.74 to $ 3.99 for the Android and iOS. To play this game on Android, you need to have the OS above 1.6 and 5.2MB of free space. As for iOS sized 8.1MB and requires OS 3.0 k Eatas. Get this game Venture Towns in the Android and iTunes Store.
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