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Tutorial: Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8

Senin, 29 Oktober 20120 komentar

Before and after its release, Windows 8 has been getting so much criticism in connection with the looks that really rocked the desktop PC platform. Seeing so many changes that were presented, it is logical that many people prefer to keep using Windows 7.

But for those of you who are curious to use the Windows 8 and Windows 7 does not want to lose, here is an easy way to bring the two in your PC:

Step 1: Backup your data first
As well as general standards before you tamper with your OS, you should first save your data in a variety of drives other than drive C. Although the percentage of lost data in the other drive is very small, but it never hurts to keep a watch is not it?

Step 2: Create a new partition on the HDD
Considering Windows 8 OS requires at least 20GB of space, then you need to set aside enough space for the new drive should be devoted to Windows 8 only. How: In the column the Start menu, select 'Computer' in the right row, right-click the selection and select 'Manage,' followed by a double-click "Disk Management."

The top of the Disk Management window will show the partitions in your HDD. Right-click the entry for main drive (usually drive C :) and select 'Shrink volume.' Decrease the size of the drive according to your needs. Once there is vacant space to install Windows 8, click on the empty block and select 'New Simple Volume. "

Up here, you do not need to change anything before arriving in the 'Format Partition.' Settings for NTFS to format is the default for the File System and Allocation Unit Size. Under "Volume label, 'you will be able to change the new partition with the name' Windows 8 'or any other name is up to you. Having to rename, click 'Next' to begin formatting.

Step 3: Install Windows 8 on a new partition
This stage is the most complex stage. As well as installing earlier versions of Windows, you first need to change the BIOS settings on your computer to select the method of booting Windows 8 installation. To access it, press the restart button on the computer case and then immediately press the 'Delete' on the keyboard.

Once the boot menu is open, immediately change the settings so that the first option when booting is a DVD drive or a USB drive, depending on where you store your Windows 8 installation file. Once you change it, immediately save the settings and restart the computer once again.

After booting to Windows 8 media unreadable, then you will find the standard mechanism of installing the software, such as Meng-accept the software license, and select the type of installation you want. Select the Custom option and select the new partition you have to rename a Windows 8 or any other name that suits you for the location of installation. The process of installing Windows 8 will probably take 20 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy your new OS (and OS length)
After the installation is complete and the computer is restarted, you will have the option of which OS you want to use when you are going to use a computer. The default option will bring Windows 8 if you do not immediately pick in 30 seconds. To change it, simply click the 'Change default' in the launch page. Pretty easy is not it? ;)
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