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Ruzzle - A Word Guess Game Selling For Android Smartphones

Rabu, 24 Oktober 20121komentar

Perhaps many of you who like things to stimulate and sharpen the brain's performance, such as playing rubik or puzzle games on mobile phone for example. Or it could be that you are a proficient in English and learn a variety of vocabulary that is not commonly used. Now is not the time anymore to bury your talent is. Show me your talents and skills in the use of brain functions with new charades game for Android devices. Curious as to whether the game? Check out his review below.

The game was called Ruzzle and produced by game developer MAG Interactive. Probably a lot of games that have Ruzzle genre similar to this, but of course the game was released with a few differences from the game like.

Rules of the game charades is very simple, you have to find words in the English language as much as possible within two minutes of plot for 4x4. Perhaps this 4x4 table is too small to find as many words, but therein lies the difference and keseruannya. In another similar game, you are given a wide swath and meet the mobile screen, then you must find the words arranged horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. But Ruzzle have different rules.

In this 4x4 plot you can sort words by way of the finger moving freely from one letter to another letter, as long as your fingers are not separated and are not passed in the surrounding plots. In this way, then you will find more combinations of words and also require finger speed and your brain. Just like the game of Scrabble, the game also contained a bonus Ruzzle as the value of a letter that can be tripled or the value of the word doubled.

Another difference brought by Ruzzle ie you can not play it by yourself, but you have to play with other players around the world Ruzzle. That way, this game will boost your competitive nature and make you more challenged. Opposite can be found at random, typed username Ruzzle one player or invite one of your friends through social networking accounts. The game consists of three rounds, and each round has two minutes. Players who accumulate a number of points will be the winner terbanyaklah. Moreover, in every game there is a chat feature. With this you can freely chat with the opponent's play, whether it be praise, mencercanya, or want to hold a rematch, all up to you.

Charades game is very addictive. Regardless if you are a fan of games that have a genre like this or not, the gameplay interesting enough to keep you playing this game again and again. Moreover, if you have a fixed opponent, this game will be more difficult to be removed from the hands. Display Ruzzle even this game interesting and very stable. Although it requires a constant internet connection, the game is rarely experienced lag or force close. Sound effects are also very appropriate given the existing condition and running smoothly. One drawback of this game is that this game provides only one game mode only. No other mode options that have different gameplay and regulations. So for some people maybe this game is too repetitive.

Ruzzle available either free or paid. The advantages of berbayarnya version is free of ads that appear in every game, and Practice Mode is also available for those who want to train agility alone.
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