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Phil Schiller Talk Evolution of iMac

Minggu, 28 Oktober 20120 komentar

Post announced Wednesday, the latest iMac instantly attract success is so great because the super-slim design, which is only 5mm only! This is possible because Apple implemented 1) new technology that is able to incorporate laminated glass with a display screen, 2) Apple's decision to no longer use the optical drive.

Although it makes sense for the MacBook line to lose the features of DVD drive in order to improve the portability factor and also provides more space for the batteries, but about the weight / weight of the device is not an important issue for desktop platform because very rarely transported. Here is the explanation Phil Schiller in TIME magazine about the evolution of the iMac.

Although the design factor and also the level of thinness is clearly a determinant of the decision, Apple has been known to also have a tradition of 'lethal' technology that they think are outdated / not needed anymore. For example, when the iMac was first introduced, Apple chose to include a USB port and a CD-ROM, but leave the floppy disk drive.

Apple also disable FireWire to pave the way for the Thunderbolt. Now they are replacing the 30-pin dock connector on the iPod and iPhone with Lightning tiny connectors. Now with the success of the Mac App Store and iTunes in delivering content, Apple has now feel that it is pointless for them to bring opticla drive.

"We have often found many things that last far longer than it should. Our competitors are very scared to not include it. We try to find a better solution, and our customers have given an enormous keepercayaan for that matter, "said Schiller at TIME.

"In general, the decision to drop the optical drive of a computer or other media is a good idea. These devices have the problem fixed: mechanical properties and sometimes broken, and requires extra energy that the amount is not little. We mencipatakn range of products that are smaller, lighter and consumes a lot less power. "

When pressed about Apple's decision that never include Blu-ray drive, even after format is clearly superior to HD-DVD, Schiller said: "Blu-ray has come up with an issue that has nothing to do with the actual quality of a film , and that makes it as something complicated and not a great technology ... so for various reasons, it makes sense to drop the optical disc from desktop and notebook platforms. "

Not quite up there alone, TIME interview with Phil Schiller also stressed on how Apple created a product and not on the basis of what is being made by other manufacturers, but rather on the grounds of how to make a product to be proud of and is also used by its employees itself.
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