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Once Again, Hacker Securing Success collapse PlayStation 3

Kamis, 25 Oktober 20120 komentar

2 more months, Sony should be able to celebrate their success in maintaining the security system for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) or PlayStation Network for a full year. However, short-term targets failed to reach, along with the recent reports of the success of a group of hackers in breaking into the security system of the PS 3.

Citing reports Eurogamer, PS 3 new security system has been successfully compromised by a hacker group called 'The Three Tuskateers.' Hacker group reportedly luck finding firmware decryption keys 'LV0' in PS3.

The Three Tuskateers claimed 'forced' to leak it for free because there is another group of Chinese hackers named 'BlueDiskCFW' which berniatan to commercialize the results of crack. Crack LV0 alone allow other hackers to break into the whole firmware PS3 with ease, and it means that any additional patches that were presented Sony will still be able to be tricked.

The Three Tuskateers later emphasized that they did not intend to release their findings, if there are no other groups that want to take advantage of these opportunities.

A custom firmware for the PS3 reportedly now being circulated on the internet, and it could be pirated DVD PS3 probably will soon be available in the near future. It remains unclear whether this crack is final hack for the PS3 that will spell the end of the PS3 in the hands of the pirates.
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