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Michelle Obama Distribute Counterfeit Scam Email

Jumat, 26 Oktober 20120 komentar

Actions scammers never subsided. Recently, an email that claims to come from the first American woman to invite the recipient to collect their share of scam victims compensation fund, but only if they give an email address, phone number and the sum of $ 260.

Here is an excerpt from the email: "I am Mrs. Michelle Obama and I'm here to tell you that the SCAM VICTIMS compensation fund of White House in Washington DC some $ 20 million. Remember that I am the only one who has the money and you have to pay some $ 260 before the funds will be sent to you today. So give me your home address as well. "

Well .. of course the email is not from Michelle Obama, or anyone associated with the government at all. Instead, this is just the work of a scammer, maybe from Nigeria, who use celebrity names to make them more attractive scams and trustworthy.

For those who look closely, the email would look very unreasonable. Address of the email sender that the message is actually coming from the owner of the "World Wide Web" with an email ending in Russia's guidelines or "Ru" and "missnadia" with the email address China "yahoo.cn".
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