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Letterpress: New Word Game for iOS From the Creators Application Tweetie

Kamis, 25 Oktober 20120 komentar

If you've been using the official Twitter app Tweetie or Twitter apps for iOS, Android and OS X, and feeling that these applications are useful, then you need to thank the one person: Loren Brichter.

The success of Twitter application Tweetie for each platform makes Brichter increasingly popular, even eventually forcing Twitter to acquire his company along with his application. Finally predictably, Brichter trusted by Twitter to make the official Twitter apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and OS X.

Last year Brichter officially left Twitter to focus on his own company, Atebits. Brichter apparently developing a new application, and the results of his labors has been officially released today iOS, an app game called Letterpress.

Game Letterpress is a game very similar to Scrabble, in which you will play this game against other players online. Gameplay is quite unique: you will be given a 5x5 grid which contains a variety of random letters.

You then have to form a word from the letters, each word is formed from at least a minimum of 2 pieces of letters and each word must not be repeated. Every word that you have mentioned will be colored with the colors of your team.

If you choose to use a white tile, tile alias is still not used, the points you get per tile is 1 point. If you take the tile belongs to your opponent, then you will get 1 point plus your opponent loses 1 point of each tile is missing.

Each time a tile switched sides, the color will also change. If you choose the tile that you have used before, then you will not get 0 points for each tile it. In the end, you will be forced to use all the existing tile and owners the highest score will win this duel.

In addition to the gameplay is very challenging and keeps you hooked, UI design shown is also very good and the animation is presented is also able to run very smoothly.

If you are interested, you can download this game for free via the App Store. There is also an upgrade option for $ 0.99 to bring additional theme-theme, and you will also be able to play some duels simultaneously. Upgrade or not, this game is guaranteed to be a very interesting to play.
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