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How To Track A Lost Laptop With The Four Following Tracking Software

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Although laptops are larger dimensions when compared to a smartphone or tablet, does not mean the device is spared from the disaster are lost or stolen. It cannot be denied that all portable devices easy to be stolen and the thief are interested with the paerangkat portable because it costs are expensive and easily brought the run is no exception. It is pretty much a case of theft of the laptop, perhaps you belong to one of these. Surely you don't want this disaster repeated or experienced. To overcome this there are some tracking software that can help you keep track of the whereabouts of a stolen or lost device.


Laptop tracking Software is actually intended for medium-sized businesses down. Nevertheless, both are also used for the individual because of the many features that are very helpful to you when having a laptop case is lost. Very simple to use. You can download the software at the official site here for £ 309 for 3 years and can be used for 25 devices. This Software provides Remote file Encryption features, drivers lock, curvew, geolocation, logs, data, export, RiskSense alert.

This Software keeps track of your laptop with Google Maps. So if your laptop was stolen and to connect to the internet it will be caught lying where. Though the laptop has been reinstalled, your adress IP a laptop will not change, this is what will be tracked by the EXOS and provide the report to you. As long as your laptop is stolen and is connected to the internet, you can encrypt the data on the hard drive. Another advantage, you will know the hardware devices-what is replaced on the laptop and what software is installed. This Software is often used to monitor corporate laptop given to officers. Whether a given laptop has been used as expected or not.


Laptop tracking Software can be downloaded for free only with a limited range, which is 60 metres from the laptop. Beyond that distance, the laptop will not be detected. You have to pay $ 30 a year to get a license for unlimited distance by one device. With SkyHook's Wi-Fi technology FrontDoorSoftware similar GadgetTrack.

The installation process is a little complicated. feels Many of the forms that must be filled out including identity and your phone number. When a laptop is lost and the FrontDoor has found its location you will be contacted by customer service that gives your laptop position information. It feels like it's quite helpful when your laptop is missing. When finished installing, your computer will restart and display appears on the screen that your laptop is protected FrontDoorSoftware. It feels, when the thief knows that it is tracking applications would have been he would quickly to unsinstall FrontDoorSoftware. However this can be overcome with the remote lockdown feature from the website FrontDoorSoftware to lock your device so as not to be in the anything-do. To download this software you can click this link.


LoJack is devoted to home-based devices. The installation process is fairly straightforward as installing software. It's just that, when you are finished installing will be many pop-up displays advertisements and software upgrade as in antivirals. The pop-up is quite annoying because quite often appear to provide ads so your device will be protected again.

After finished installing, you must create an account on the LoJack website can be accessed here. After you finish creating your account, you will receive a PIN for tracking laptops via geo location with a feature to find, lock and delete, if others prefer software using Google Maps, the LoJack supported Esri. Esri's weakness of Google Maps that is less the maximum when keeping track of the remote areas. So this software suitable for use in urban areas. The Map also only visible red dot indicating the position of your laptop, but there is no specific position.

Per 24 hours this software will be updated to ensure he is in position off. To lock the laptop overall you need to enter a PIN, enter your message (if your laptop is lost), and then click device lock. Wait 20 minutes and they will send email to you that it contains information that is already on your device-lock (cannot be used). Luckily using PIN system makes LoJack software can not uninstall the thief. To be able to have this software you have to pay £ 40 per year.
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