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How To Change The Look Of Your Android Becomes More Unique And Interesting

Rabu, 31 Oktober 20120 komentar

Android is look the same as in General you will surely feel so boring. In addition, sometimes the perceived performance of Your Android gadget feels less in accordance with your expectations. Therefore, the Assembly Hall will discuss about how to change the appearance of Your Android that mediocrity is becoming unusual.

To meet Your vigil concerns the expectation, there are several ways to offer Android gadget to Assembly Hall not so boring eye and used to everyday. Here's how to change the look of Android that you can apply:

Install The Launcher

Yes, the easiest way is to install the launcher very much once scattered Play Store and in other Market (Black Market). In addition to its easy, each launcher development, each has its own uniqueness and it looks not at one another.

You are trying to download and compare, e.g. between Go Launcher EX with ADW Launcher. Both launcher that is often used by users of Android. For Android users who are new to using Android, gadgets will surely launcher that was first used IE GO Launcher, why? Because of its easy, lots of themes that you can plug it in, and also the reputation of those users who positively to this launcher. Compare with ADW Launcher users, those who use the launcher is typically the users that already belongs to the advanced/had long been in the Android world. In addition, ADW Launcher is often used for default launcher developers Custom ROM. When using GO Launcher and ADW Launcher just as easy, it's just less ADW Launcher is eating RAM.

In the Play there are many Store launcher that you can use, if you are confused choosing a nice launcher Assembly Hall, which was already discussed in previous articles.

Install Theme

Do you equate the install the theme (theme) is putting up a theme from the launcher that you download and use. You are wrong perceptions, because the intent of Assembly Hall put up this theme not from launcher, but installing via Recovery Mode. Actually the developer gadget Android themes is a bit, not as much as the developer of the Custom ROM. but you don't need to be disappointed, because there are still many who made the project theme for Stock ROM your gadget. For how to install themes on Your Android, simply download the file and make sure your gadgets going into Recovery Mode (each brand has a different way to go into Recovery Mode) and you install. Installing themes do not require a Root and install ClockWorldMod (CWM).

Installing A Custom ROM

Well, this is a way that is different from the previous discussion, 2 install a Custom ROM on Your Android gadgets. It belongs to a different and special, because installing a Custom ROM requires several stages and processes. In addition, there are also some modification of the Stock ROM to Android gadget can be more stable and firmer performance. To get a Custom ROM, you can visit the forums as New  notify in the discussion above. But to communicate directly with the developer of the Custom ROM, you can visit http://www.xda-developers.com to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of Custom ROMS. For information about how to install each of its brands have different ways to get into Recovery Mode, but the average to inTech stall Custom ROMs, Android gadget You must already have installed the Root and CWM. Examples of Custom ROMS that exist in every gadget: MIUI and at CES 2012.

Once you know a few ways I've shared Assembly Hall, now is the time for the revamped Android gadget looks to be more distinct than ever before. Any way to give Assembly Hall has its own difficulty level, depending on your skills. But you don't have to worry, because in the foru-forum recommendations Assembly Hall is always given a tutorial so that you can change the look of Your Android.
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