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FIFA Soccer 11 – the latest Football Game of FIFA on iPhone and iPad

Rabu, 31 Oktober 20120 komentar

The popularity of football is already widespread in The World. Many are also among those who are willing to not sleeping for the sake of defending his team competed through the glass screen. So for fans of this sports game. In various places on campus, rental, even in public transportation, we can see the gamers with wily play it. Now, it appears that the gamers are increasingly unable to break away from the game of football because of what they had been waiting for was present. Yes, FIFA Soccer 11 has been officially launched and can be played on different consoles. But this time the Assembly Hall will only be reviewing its iOS version only. Let us refer!

Perhaps not an exaggeration saying that the latest American football game developer Electronic Arts is the greatest football game that you can play on your iPhone. This Game also managed to get officially licensed from 500 football team in it consisting of 15,000 players from 30 League competition in the world. So in this game you can play your favorite team, or play Your favorite player and took it snaking past the defender with a dribble of the opponent and ended up scoring.

On FIFA Soccer 11 there are four different game modes: Quick Match, Manager Mode, Tournament and also Online. Not much has changed from Quick Match and Manager Modes of previous series, so for those of you fans of the franchise will definitely feel familiar and easy to menavigasinya. But surely there are some details which becomes the criterion of this game from its predecessor series that will leave you shocked and stunned. The update brings many features that lie in the Online mode. Here you can challenge and play with a variety of players from all over the world with the use of EA's Origin. Can also through Facebook friends, Gmail contacts, or contacts stored on your iPhone.

Now the Assembly Hall will discuss about the game's controls. The controls consist of two kinds, namely, offense and defense. Control will always changes depending on condition You are attacking or defending. When you do offense, in your left hand available virtual controller to regulate the movement of your players, while on the right there are the buttons to pass the ball, kick, and ran with the movement of the ball. In addition there is also a key Skill Move. If the game FIFA 2011 you can use skill players with how to do the double tap on your screen, in this latest game you live holding Skill Move and menggerakannya in different directions to make skill move markedly and different anyway. That way you will be more adept at showing off your skills in passing the enemy back. And it will bring satisfaction and makes this game better enjoyed. In the meantime for defending situations there is no change from the previous games. There is a button to switch the player to do a tackle on an opponent.

The Gameplay of FIFA Soccer 1 is supported by the graph that is very beautiful and detailed. Player movements and contours of the face are more realistic and almost similar to the original players. Not much of a glitch was found as in the previous game. Plus more by simply doing the skill move makes your eyes are pampered by beautiful gocekan-gocekan. Control is also very responsive to Your every movement, making the game more fun and challenging. But there are also some disadvantages of this game. For those of you who love to play offline, perhaps you will feel increased levels of difficulty so far although the only different one level above. Also the camera distance too far and make the players look smaller and less clear.

If you want to try out this latest football game, FIFA Soccer 11 you can have by paying $ 6.99. This Game is compatible for iOS version 4.0 and above and have a size of 1.36 GB. You can download it through this link.

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