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Download Best iPad apps that can help You Work in the Office

Rabu, 31 Oktober 20120 komentar

IPad devices are often used to support day-to-day activities and to help increase productivity. These activities can occur when you are working or are looking for information. With a wide range of applications provided the app store, of course you will find applications that help Your productivity in its use. For people who work on business for example, timeliness and scheduling is very important in his work.

With the iPad that you had, things can become a reality.By downloading an application that supports your work, then everything will be easy. Here is the Assembly Hall featuring the best iPad apps to help You work in an Office or campus:


Sorted is a working application for the management of your time with a simple interface and simple. You can enter a task that should be done with the easy way, simply tap on the screen, and if you want to mark it all, then gesrkan your finger, and you can restore it again by sliding your finger back. This application can also manage multiple data, enter the date, and to give color to the notes. This application can be downloaded for a fee of $ 0.99

Currency Calculator

Currency Calculator takes you to alter 225 different currencies, and you can see your currency with a variety of foreign currencies at a time. UPS and downs of the currency will be always updated, and you can also use the calculator count. Look attractive and fit the iPad screen, and also the features that could make your own currency by the exchange rate that is unique to this application more useful. This application can be downloaded for a fee of $ 0.99

He Writer

He Writer is a simple text editing application for the iPad with features that smart. The text will focus on the paragraph that you wrote, then there are also a number of letters that you wrote and performed a total of posts at the top of the screen. Reading time indicator shows you how much time a reader is used to read a paragraph. The Keyboard on the application of this work also conjures up the extra features such as move between words, arrow keys, and shortcuts. This application can help you in terms of typing text. This application can be downloaded for a fee of $ 0.99.


If you frequently travel abroad to work, then you will know the work from a dictionary. With a simple interface and easy to use, iTranslate can translate more than fifty languages. Instant translasinya method, as you wrote, and these applications can also help you with the pronunciation of the eleven votes from the popular language. Translation results will be automatically saved in the list of languages, and the application can detect the language that you type. If you are using the basic language, accuracy in translate works well. However if the language you are more detailed, so its accuracy can be reduced. This application can be downloaded for free.


Evernote is an application that will make you remember things that you do. Evernote you can get for free has a pretty good visual and will help you to remember everything whenever and wherever it occurs in your activities. You can also use audio and screenshots. The nice thing of Evernote is able to synchronise data with your computer, and also the application has a web version. This application can be downloaded for free.


When you be following a meeting that requires the recording and notes job applications, it is suitable for your use. AudioNote is a combination of function of notepad and a voice recorder to create a useful application that can give you the time to improve the quality of the results of your notes. No need to bother to search for topics that have been recorded, for the application of this work will give You point the tape, and you'll get what you want to hear. This application can be downloaded for a fee of $ 4.99.
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