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ASUS Vulcan Gaming Headset-the first ANC sophisticated and Comfortable

Rabu, 31 Oktober 20120 komentar

Like most headsets, ASUS Vulcan ANC dimensionally arguably not much different from most existing headsets on the market. But most companies are vying to make a device that is popular with people like the balance in terms of sound and comfort at the time of usage. There are many companies that make gaming equipment such as Razer, Steelseries, Roccat, Plantronic, Thermaltake, and other, ASUS is a new competitor if linked with gaming equipment in particular headset.

The specifications of the Vulcan ANC is arguably quite competitive in the world of gaming headsets. The Headset has a feature called the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) where noise from outside is gone when you wear this Headset, ASUS Vulcan was the ANC's first gaming Headset that uses Active Noise Cancelling feature made for gamers. If you have a big enough voice computers, or you want a peace in place, You simply enable the features of the ANC on the Headset and it will work perfectly eliminates the sound – noise.

The Appearance Of

In terms of the physical appearance of this headset, you'll see the elegant impression of ASUS with a blend of black and red. ASUS Vulcan ANC comes with storage of Headset and cables, making it easier for us to take these devices anywhere. This Headset can be folded, and has the logo of Republic Of Gamers that is typical of ASUS on the side with color chrome. Like most other gaming headsets, headset, it comes with a Mic, but uniquely, the Mic can be off and plug it back in if you want to use it, it is very flexible.

The connecting cables are also available and can be removed and installed again if you want to use. On the left side of the headset, there will be 2 hole connector, 1 for Mic, and 1 song for the connecting cable to your hardware. There is also a switch to enable and disable the ANC as well as cover could be off to enter the battery type AAA, batteries are necessary to enable the ANC.


In terms of convenience, your headset is arguably very comfortable to wear even for hours though. With earcups are great and very fit on the ear, this headset is lightly and very not to interfere with the movement of your head. In addition, with detachable Mic, you could make this into a headset headphones to be carried wherever you go while listening to music with Your portable media device.


Like the classes, the headset is made specifically for the game play and ASUS does its job very well. The resulting sound in the game play is very good especially when you turn on the feature on the ANC, just a game sound will be heard. When you play games, this headset allows you to hear the voice of honey and direction of arrival of a shot with the accurate and fast. To the Mic, the quality is still relatively good like any other headset, a bit noisy but not interfere with sound of your voice when talking with friends or teammates. According to what is being offered, you will get the sensation of playing a better game.

In terms of music and movies

In addition to the intended for gaming, Vulcan ANC also running and doing its job well for listening to music or watching movies. At a time when the ANC feature is turned off, the resulting music sound a little more clear and noise from the outside were not heard. If you want a quiet atmosphere for listening to music, watching movies with the sound it produces without interference from outside noise, Vulcan of the ANC is the right choice.
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