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5 Android Movie Apps Are must-have Movie Lovers

Rabu, 31 Oktober 20120 komentar

Most of us would like the movie. Entertainment on this one it was fun to be enjoyed. Various genres such as action films, horror, romance, drama, comedy, and more certainly has its own uniqueness in the eyes of the audience. The Film as an industry that is endless, making a variety of impact. Among many developers that provides the film's application on Android devices as a means of connectivity, with movie fans.

It is fun for movie lovers if they have actual information on the device, because of the Androidnya can enjoy the thrill of the film not only while watching the film. We can know all things ranging from the ranks of movie player, a movie trailer, and so on. The following is a review of film applications that can deliver a variety of things a lot more about the movie for you have.

IMDb Movies & TV

Maybe you want some information about a movie, the movie what ever she was starring, or other information. You may also want to watch the movie with the horror genre, and will see a list of movie horror. You may also want to know the value of a film's rating. For more information about it all, then this app is the answer. IMDb Movies & TV is also useful to know the latest news updates, trivia about your favorite shows and movie stars, as well as see the trailer or movie footage to be broadcast. And it could be ascertained, this film is a fine movie for connoisseurs. IMDb Movies & TV can be downloaded for free.

Movie Collection

In addition to via streaming video that can be seen every day, for movie lovers is the sweet things if possesses its own DVD. With Movie Collection, You can have it's own DVD for your favorite movies. To help organize collections of movies, go to the Movie Collection. To insert items into a collection of Favorites pretty easily, just by using the camera on your Android device, the application will read the barcode on your DVD or Blu-ray disc belongs to you, and see the data that exists. You can also rent movies, find out how many times you watch a movie, and the way that it is easy to get a review of a movie. The application also provides a backup film to your lists, so you can go in-import when you switch an Android device. This application can be downloaded for free.

Movies by Flixster

This application is a must for lovers of movies with Android devices. This application is the most popular, featuring reviews, trailers, and the release date of a film. It looks pretty and easy to use. Various features of the film exists in this application. You can see a list of top box office and movie that will be released. There is also cooperation with the Rotten Tommatoes that contains about criticism on film and whether or not the movie is worth to watch. Movie trailers are shown also have high quality. You can also create a list of movies you want to see, give rating, and also did a review of the film. This application can be downloaded for free.

Today In Movie History

If you want information and history relating to the movies, get the application to add to your knowledge about the film. The information covers almost everything from the artist's date of birth, the release of a film, and the important events in the history of film. This application can be downloaded for a fee of $ 0.99.

RockPlayer Lite

It is not complete if as a fan of the movie but has no movies in the Androidnya. However, to play video in Android devices, not as easy as imagined. There is a video format that normally can't be played, and you need an application to play the video. Then you are going to do is menngunduh RockPlayer video player Lite to alternatives in your Android device. RockPlayer Lite can play almost all video formats, and you need it to watch your favorite movie on your Android device. This application can be downloaded for free.
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