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10 Free Children's Learning Application For Android

Kamis, 25 Oktober 20120 komentar

The Android operating system provides transparency for developers to create applications on the platform. With a wide range of applications, of course we get a lot of benefit from it. In addition, the applications provided on Google Play has a wide range of quality, from the bad to the good. For that we must be clever to choose applications that are useful to us.

In this segment of knowledge, Android provides a variety of applications of knowledge that will facilitate learning. For children, Android also provides applications that provide knowledge in children, with many applications that can enhance children's learning and intelligence is also safe for children. With the application of this learning, the children are expected to learn in a way that is safe and fun. Rests on this, the following displays learning applications that are useful and fun for children, and can be downloaded for free.

AniWorld Lite

AniWorld is a good kid learning applications used for children aged one to five years. This application provides knowledge of the names of various animals, and gives children a chance to feed and maintain them. This application is simple, but there are features Hey, pet me entertaining the kids. Download the application here.


Homework is not a console application. This application can be used by children who need a reminder. By using this free app, kids can set up a schedule for homework, study time for reminders, and it could be for a reminder if you will take an exam, to manage time efficiently. Applications are really useful, and it will remind children to always learn. Download the application here.

Famigo Sandbox

Famigo Sandbok is a useful application for the supervision of children, and it's free. This application can create Android devices that are safe for children. Inside there are settings that can be selected so that the children can play safely. By using this application, children can play safely on the Android platform, the security arrangements have been. Download the application here.

iStory Books

This kid learning applications provide a variety of free books in it, complete with sound, images and various languages. iStory Book is simple, but the application is very entertaining for the kids. Eleven free books are in this application, to update the book every two weeks. Download the application here.

Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is a free application for children that adults can also play. Tap the screen running Android in ants, bees and avoid tap on. Easy is not it? Perhaps also not too easy, as more and more ants coming when the game gets longer. Applications that create addiction for children over the age of four, and beneficial to the development of reflex. Download the application here.

Numbers 0-10

Application of learning is used to introduce children to numbers, through a pleasant way. Numbers 0-10 should work fine, providing a bright color on the numbers, and the numbers that have a wide range of characters. Application of learning about this figure for children aged two to four years. You can get this application here.

Kids Numbers and Math

Judging from its name, Number And Math Kids will give children the basis of the figures. Application of this learning will be fun for kids to learn numbers 1-20 with a variety of assigned tasks. This application can be downloaded here.

Steamy Window

Children love to draw in the dew on the windows. This is given by Steamy Window. When Steamy Window runs, screen phone or tablet will change as dewy. Now, the kids can make images at will even though the day was not dewy. Download the application here.

Classic Simon

Classic Simon is provided for your Android users for free, and can be played for long. Entertaining, challenging, and also a great learning, with a variety of tests given color and sound, to enhance children's ability to remember. This application can be downloaded here.

How To Make Paper Airplane

How To Make Paper Airplane is an application that requires the interaction of children with their parents. With the application of this learning, various forms of paper airplanes will be displayed, along with its ways. Parents will guide their children in order to make a paper airplane wants. Download the application here.
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