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Warning: Malware Disguised so Skype App on Android

Minggu, 08 Juli 20120 komentar

Crime in cyberspace seems to not being reduced. Conversely, there are always new ways to get the offenders made ​​a profit from his victim. Most recently, discovery of a malware that masquerades as Skype for Android applications.

New malware that seems to want to take advantage of the popularity of Skype, especially for mobile devices. By posing as a fake Skype application, malware authors tried to steal money from his victims. Found by Trend Micro, malware has named JAVA_SMSSEND.AB threat.

The existence of the name of JAVA in the threat is not surprising considering Android is developed using a custom version of the Java programming language. Fortunately, according to Trend Micro, malware is not made ​​very well because it only works on Symbian and Android phones that allow Java MIDlet execution.

The perpetrators behind the fake Skype application uses a website to promote their artificial applications. Almost all of these sites use the Russian domain (. Ru) but it uses a false application domains Nigeria (. Ne)

Unlike Android apps in general have a file. Apk, fake Skype application uses the file. Jar (Java MIDlet). Malware shows installer for Skype, but actually what you install is a dangerous malware. Once installed, the Skype application is then sent fake international SMS rates are very expensive so as to produce a lot of money for the creators of malware.

Unlike the IOS, Android does allow users to download applications from a variety of sources, not just from Google's official app store Play. For that you need to be vigilant as you should only download apps from Google's Android Play Store, including download Skype for Android.
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