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Stack Ranking System: Internal Competition Destroyer Systems Microsoft

Jumat, 06 Juli 20120 komentar

Microsoft has a long history of the dross of their dominance in the technology industry, and innovation can not be denied that they have repeatedly occupied the leading position for decades.

However, Microsoft recently started up on multiple platforms, and the most visible is the mobile platform where their market share is now only one digit only, plus they will not release tablet WoA; a tablet that Apple is prepared to meet the challenges of the past three years, until the end of this year.

This issue is discussed by one of the contributors to Vanity Fair that Kurt Eichenwald in an article titled "Microsoft's Lost Decade, 'in which he analyzes a number of management decisions is really sloppy in the era of the leadership of Steve Ballmer.

Eichenwald used data from a number of interviews with executives and former Microsoft executive, plus the company's confidential records to unify a number of decisions that make Microsoft lost its dominance in a number of important markets. Vanity Fair also noted that an Apple product: the iPhone, has generated more revenue than all kinds of products made by Microsoft are combined.

"Each employee or ex-Microsoft employee who I interviewed, everyone, stating that the system 'stack ranking" is the most destructive processes in the Microsoft, something that has made a lot of employees do not feel at home, "said Eichwald. Stack ranking system is an internal process that asks the manager to assess anyone who scored a great performance, intermediate, and poor among their subordinates.

"If you belong to a team of 10 people, you will always know the result that two people will get great value, 7 people got the mediocre, and one person will get bad grades," said one former software developer Microsoft. "This makes the employees more concentrated against their own colleagues rather than compete against other companies."

The article then describes in detail the downfall of the corporate culture at Microsoft, a decision which resulted in a number of failed products, as well as the bureaucratic processes that ultimately impact on the reduction in market share of Microsoft in the mobile segment.

"Once they are appointed IBM and then laugh about it," said the former manager of Microsoft's Bill Hill on Eichenwald. "Now they have become the things they laugh about."
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