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See the success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Larry Page a native of Technology

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See the success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Larry Page a native of Technology

Technology is not only gave birth to a new generation of advanced devices, but also helped give birth to the people who are behind it. Many are born creator of technology helped make famous. Yes, people are arguably the hero on the field, which also seemed to struggle tirelessly and without limit. Beginning of creative ideas and innovation to meet the hard work to finally, that's about the process. They seem glamorous, luxurious living and all it seems to be achieved because alone, but not many people know when the struggle from the start they are going through very heavy.

This time Paseban will discuss three of which give a big hand in today's technological world. They also went on to become milliner because the technology they created. Paseban success stories will show Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Larry Page.

Bill Gates

Who is not familiar with this guy. Several times was asked as the richest person in the world, men from the United States is the one that has Microsoft. Who is not familiar with Microsoft, as one of the operating system most widely used, see the PC, or about your friend, Windows products are the creations of this man.

Born with the full name of William Henry "Bill" Gates III in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955. Microsoft's Bill Gates assisted by his partner Paul, a desire both in setting up his own software company started from the launch of a mini computer called the Altair by MITS. Since then, both trying to come to the MITS and convince them that they're translating the BASIC language on their platform. After successfully wooing MITS, in the end Bill Gates with his partner Paul Allen fruitful results, and they named the co-operation with Micro-soft. A year after that, precisely in 1976 them removed, and Microsoft registered its trademark on November 26, 1976, from where Bill Gates success story began.

Gates married Melinda French on January 1, 1994 and they had three. Bill Gates is also known as a bookworm, I wonder if his home can be found in a library. In addition, Gates also has the Codex Leicester, a collection of writings that Leonardo da Vinci, which Gates bought for $ 30.8 million through the auction in 1994.

Steve Jobs

The next one is also not lose fame. If Bill Gates through the Microsoft managed to control the PC market, then the boss of this one has the strength in the mobile sector and the sector of the PC via the Mac]. Apple Genius intelligent creator is well known through products that seem exclusive. Starting from the iPod to a Mac is famous for its exclusivity.

Born in San Francisco, California, United States, February 24, 1955, Steve Jobs has a real name Steven Paul Jobs. Just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs also have a partner who was with him when success, that person is Steve Wozniak. Having successfully launched the Apple II as the first personal computer, Steve's passing in various businesses such as Pixlar. Steve's career was not smooth, he was fired by Apple, but finally re-joined, early in his career Steve was also a technician in the company of Atari video games.

On October 5, 2011, Jobs world for pancreatic cancer. This news torn world. Jobs left his wife, Laurene, and their three children as well as Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Jobs's daughter from a previous relationship. In the early departure of Jobs, Apple's website for a few days post a photo.

Larry Page

Well, that last figure is not less great. Working on the software, the work of Larry Page is now used by almost everyone. Yes, along with Sergey Brin, Page seemed to follow the success stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with setting up the Google search engine. Although at first the two men is not compact, but Google was finally born in 1998.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, March 26, 1973, Larry Page is a graduate of East Lansing High School, in addition to that page also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

Until now, Google is the site most frequently accessed and used just about everybody. Google also now developing not only as a search engine, but go into the various business lines such as Gmail, Google Maps come to make an operating system Android.
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