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Mirroring IOS Device to LCD

Sabtu, 07 Juli 20120 komentar

In this tutorial you will be directed to perform mirrorring from the iDevice to the LCD. Using these simple steps, you will be expected to do all the right, through the supported devices:

- IPhone 4
- IPhone 4S
- IPod Touch 4
- IPad 1
- IPad 2
- New iPad 4G


Not be full HD. HD ready also been able to. LCD must have a minimum of one HDMI port.

2. HDMI Cables
Can use a length of 1.8 m if the distance is close enough to the TV. If the distance is far enough to use a cable length of 3m. Price range from 35 thousand - 3 million.

3. AV to HDMI adapter
Sold throughout the iBox. The price of Rp 359 000

4. iDevice
- IPod Touch and iPad 4/iPhone4 dijailbreak because one needs to edit the parameters in order to mirroring
- IPad iPhone 4G 4S/iPad 2/New not need jailbreak for mirroring feature is built-in.


A. Connect the HDMI cable with an LCD's HDMI port
2. Connect the HDMI cable end one with av adapter to HDMI

Skip to step 19 if you wear 4S/iPad 2/New iPad iPhone 4G
3. Jailbreak iPod Touch 4/iPhone 4/iPad 1
4. Install applications iFile
5. Run iFile
6. Go to the directory / System / Library / CoreServices / Springboard.app

7. Find a file:
N81AP.plist -> for iPod touch 4
N90AP.plist -> for iPhone 4
K48AP.plist -> for iPad 1

In this tutorial use the iPod Touch 4, so that the file must be edited N81AP.plist

8. Tap the file according to the step 7, a pop-up menu and select property list viewer
9. Select Capabilities
10. Tap + icon in the bottom right (on the + sign iPad positions may vary slightly)
11. Input window will appear, enter the following data:
- Name: display-mirroring (case sensitive)
- Type: boolean

12. When finished tap the create button in the upper right (position may be different on the iPad)
13. Back to the menu Capabilities
14. Scroll up to see property-mirroring display
15. Set to be ON
16. Tap the Done button (might be different position on the iPad)
17. Once completed, respring iDevice.

19. Connect the AV adapter that is connected with an HDMI cable that is mounted on the LCD with iPod touch4/iPhone4/iPad 1/iPad 2/iPhone 4s / new iPad

20. Wait a minute, and viola! What is displayed on the iPod touch4/iPhone4/iPad/iPad 2/iPhone 4s/new iPad would mirroring on the LCD tv.

Good luck!
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