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Know, 3 of the Latest Mobile Technology Present

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When we start talking about technology, you must also think about the development and progress. As has become his destiny that the technology required to keep growing. It is as if in tune with the role of technology itself is constantly facilitate the work of man. Now the days are getting closer to human technology, it also seemed to require familiarity man worships excessive technology. Yes, that's probably one of the negative effects of a variety of other positive effects that by technology. Addiction to technology means that the technology requires in excess, may be compared to when you have to drive a car just to go to the nearest mini market just a few hundred meters. In other forms of technology can be addicted to the Internet or a particular need for social media is not fair.

The technology is actually far more helpful people. A series of innovations have been made by human hands and then to ease the man himself. Innovations have been found free of course not, years of research by the NII the developers to make that discovery is not priced cheap. On the other hand, the discovery of new technology will certainly make the tag of the previous technology is much cheaper. It is utilized by the middle and lower classes in how to sample the technology.

This time will discuss some of the new technology is successfully developed by mobile phone manufacturers in an effort to keep romance customers.

Floating Touch

This new technology is demonstrated through the phone output Sony. Yes, Sony Xperia Sola has been given a magical force in the drugging its users. You could say this first discovery in which someone does not have to actually touch the screen to interact with the phone, sounds impossible does not it? Yes, but that fact is successfully developed by this Japanese mobile phone manufacturer.

Is Eric Hellman, one of the researchers at Sony Mobile is also one of the inventors of this technology to explain how the invention of the Floating Touch. Floating Touch technology combines two capacitive touchscreen technology that is currently widely used. The first type of capacitive screen is a screen with a capacitance with a strong signal but minus multi-touch, while the second screen is a capacitive screen that supports multi touch but weak signal capacitance. The idea is fairly brilliant, being able to combine both types of technology into an incredible discovery. To be clearer, you can find an explanation

But you who do not like it, the application of Floating Touch currently only available in the browser and Live Wallpaper only.

Technology PureView

This time coming from the creators of technology in Europe. Yes, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers are Nokia, they also provide a new breakthrough in the mobile world. The presence of the Nokia 808 as one of the driving buzz. How not new Nokia phone is claimed to have a 41MP camera technology. But the resolution of the actual resolution is not true, all thanks to the role of technology. Nokia 808 PureView camera using oversampling technology. The technology is classifying the pixels small pixels has 7 pieces which are then combined to form a current superpiksel GPU processing. In practice, the 41MP can be generated with a ratio of approximately 16:9 7728 x 5368 pixels, but for the ratio of 4:3 then the results can be obtained only 34MP.

In addition, this camera is also equipped with Carl Zeiss optics is also commonly present in other Nokia phones. Presence is also equipped with an optical light from the Xenon Flash. Complete you can see the secret behind the technology PureView Paseban previous article here.

Gorilla Glass

Although not considered a new technology, but Gorilla Glass is a mandatory technology that has been scattered in various brands of mobile phones. Gorilla Glass is as the name suggests, acts as a cell phone screen protectors from a variety of threats. Corning glass producer has released 2 Gorilla Glass as the next generation of products. Gorilla Glass 2 is claimed to be thinner making it more responsive to use on a variety of touch screen has become a trend. More details you can also see the article about Gorilla

Not quite up there, as if not satisfied with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and then introduce the product at Willow new Glass. Newer products are allegedly only going to have a thickness of 100 microns.
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