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Analyst: New Policy Will the Chinese Government maturing Smartphone Industry

Minggu, 08 Juli 20120 komentar

The Chinese government is well-known tight in all the rules are made, including the regulation of the mobile device industry. Most recently, the Chinese government even plans to tighten rules on all applications innate smartphone. According to market analysts, the new rules which will set out the china government will help mature the mobile market because it makes it more transparent. But as the impact of tightening the rules, phone makers will decrease income margin.

It's more convincing when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a memorandum to strengthen the management of terminal access network on 1 June. With the issuance of the memorandum is expected to be able to tighten management of mobile intelligent terminals akes for, or for smartphones and tablets.

In the memorandum was submitted rules for producers to not make deliveries to the smartphone and tablet applications that have: malicious code can collect user data without notification or notification, data berbaya or registration fee or divulge user's data without user permission, illegal content contrary to state law, and violations of personal data security and other things that contradict the law.

Responding to the proposal, the head of China Market Research, Ben Cevender, said the new rules that will not slow the progression of the mobile device industry in China. Instead, the government rules that will help to 'force' the mobile market to be more mature and transparent.

"Consumers will still have access to information will be mobile and new technologies are brought, it would be safer device used to download and buy applications so that users no longer have to worry about data security or the suction unwanted costs."

The new rules will also be trusted to make the mobile phone manufacturers can build a strong ecosystem of applications that can promote security. This means that mobile phone manufacturers will not offer the indiscriminate application of ostensibly to steal user's personal data without the user's knowledge. Cavender and it will greatly benefit by prospective customers.

As we all know China is the second largest mobile market in the world, where mobile devices are a variety of manufacturers. Responding to the government plan is the Huawei and Lenovo claimed to be ready to obey it, although it must be admitted that the policy will force the mobile device industry to be cautious in the application together they offer products that are made. Handset manufacturers are also expected to drop in income if they no longer provide software bundling, or if the partner is known to enter the application software as opposed to the government's China policy.

Meanwhile, developer Dolphin browser, MoboTap, felt confident enough to survive in the China market. Was not separated from Dolphin achievements as an application that has been certified by Truste, an online service provider privacy, stating that the Dolphin is a secure browser for customers.

Hmm, as a consumer you certainly will be pleased with the policy as applied to applications in China are also applied in Indonesia. Or just the opposite?
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